Janet Street-Porter secured a pay rise for herself and the other 'Loose Women' panelists.

Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter

The 71-year-old journalist has revealed that, during the summer, she took it upon herself to approach the bosses of the ITV show to ask for a pay increase for herself and her colleagues.

Discussing the gender pay gap alongside fellow panelists, Andrea McLean and Stacey Solomon, Janet explained: "How did we get a pay rise on 'Loose Women'? I asked them!

"I wrote a letter to our boss. On behalf of all of us. I didn't tell them, I wrote because I thought that I'm the oldest and I've got the least to lose, and I'm the most aggressive."

Andrea, 48, subsequently turned her attention towards Stacey, saying that too many women are reluctant to ask for a pay rise, even if they feel they're worth the extra money.

The veteran TV star admitted that because women often "juggle" their career with family commitments, they're hesitant about asking for an increase.

She explained on the popular daytime show: "Stacey, it's interesting you say why do women not do that ... I think it's because women, most of the time, are earning the lesser the amount of pay.

"You talk about shop workers and what have you ... they are trying to juggle family life, finding a job that suits their needs, and they're too frightened to ask for more money in case they lose their job.

"And we all know what it feels like to be told, 'Well, if you won't do it, somebody else will.'"

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