Janet Street-Porter is to undergo knee replacement surgery.

Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter

The 71-year-old presenter will take a two-week break from 'Loose Women' in order to get the joint repaired as it has become "worn out" from her active lifestyle.

She said: "I'm going off - I'm not very happy about it - I'm going to have a knee replacement.

"My left knee is completely worn out and it's largely worn out because I've spent my entire life walking, playing tennis, keeping fit, doing all those things."

But Stacey Solomon also pointed out Janet had "ignored" her doctor for some time when he urged her to seek treatment, prompting the veteran broadcaster to admit she'd done so in order to not have to step down from the show for a period, even though the pain in her knee has left her with sleepless nights for months.

She said: "I had those operations where they hoover out the gravel in your joints but then a year ago I was supposed to have this operation but I like doing this show and I didn't want to take time off."

And Janet is "nervous" about the operation because she is worried she won't be as active after she's had the surgery.

She said: "I am nervous, when I broke my ankle, I just carried on with life as normal but I know I've got to take two weeks off to rehabilitate my knee. If anyone watching can reassure me that I will be playing tennis again, please write.

"I absolutely live on the tennis court, I love swimming, I love walking, and I can't face... "

To wish Janet well for her operation, the rest of the panel presented her with a gift box including a 'Poldark' cushion, some "granny slippers", a copy of Gemma Collins' new book, 'How to Be a Diva', and a 'Wonder Woman' outfit, which Coleen Nolan explained was "for when you come out with your bionic knee".