Jason Bell's ex Nadine Coyle has given him 'Strictly Come Dancing' tips.

Jason Bell

Jason Bell

The 42-year-old former NFL player - who has daughter Anaìya, six, with ex-fiance Nadine - will take to the dance floor in the upcoming BBC Latin and ballroom dancing competition, and he is well prepared after the former Girls Aloud singer gave him some words of wisdom.

He told RadioTimes.com: "We've talked about it. It's really a timing thing. I asked if we will have enough time to learn the routines and she's like, 'Yeah, you will, but you've really got to lock in and be focused'. I got a couple [of tips]."

The couple met in 2008 and welcomed their daughter in 2014. However, the couple later split in 2019.

Anaìya is already excited to see her dad quickstep across the dance floor, and she can't stop talking about his upcoming appearance on the series.

He previously revealed: "Yes, they are highly supportive and they are as excited as I am, I mean they talk about it daily. Sometimes I'm just like, 'Hey, let me just calm my nerves a little bit now.'

"My daughter, she asked me about it last night, talking about how she was going to behave and how nervous she was going to be. Having their support is the key and I really just want to go out there and represent them well. They mean so much to me."

Jason is determined to do well on the show to get the most out of the experience.

He said: "I'm definitely competitive, but not against other people. I'm in a competition with myself.

"I've never really focused on what other people are doing. I definitely want to do well because the longer I'm on the show the better an experience I'm gonna have."

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