Jason Flemyng just wanted a "bigger dress budget and a few more lines" for 'Save Me Too'.

Jason Flemyng

Jason Flemyng

The 53-year-old actor - who played cross-dresser Tam in both the 2018 series of the Sky Atlantic drama and this year's follow-up - admitted the series was a lot of fun to work on without being too taxing.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Without being too self affected, it's a little gig for me, do you know what I mean?

"In a sense of, I've got a dress and makeup but it's not a great push. That character's probably closer to me than anything I've ever played.

"It's a definite cog in a machine. The weight on me was light - which suited me, the first series.

"I was a busy boy, but the second season I just said, "Len, give me a bigger dress budget and a few more lines and I'll be happy.' That's kind of what happened!"

Although Jason felt fairly relaxed about the second season, he admitted creator, writer and co-star Lennie James was under a lot more pressure.

He added: "I think he felt a huge pressure, which I think he dealt with really well like he always does.

"It's like his second album isn't it? Like, f***ing hell, the first album did great, what do we do now?

"He kept to very much what he did the first time, he didn't reinvent the wheel. I think he kept the same vernacular, the same characters, and he just let it breath and write itself."

Everyone wanted to pull together to make series two a huge success, and Jason was pleased with the reaction when it was released earlier this year.

He said: "There was a fair pressure on all of us but if it did well it was going to be a bonus because we'd done so well on the first one. And it did really well, everyone loved it!

"Lockdown helped with that - any documentary or new drama coming out now is going to smash it because everyone is desperate for content."

'Save Me Too' is available now on digital now and on DVD as part of the 'Save Me 1 & 2 Box Set'.

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