Jedward have been approached about making a documentary.



The pop duo - who rose to fame on 'The X Factor' in 2009 - have revealed via Instagram that they've been approached by various people about the possibility of making a TV documentary.

During an appearance on Instagram Live, they explained: "There’s been enquiries for documentaries.

"We’ve had about four or five people contact us. I don’t know what the documentary is meant to be, but it’s been happening."

Jedward starred on 'Celebrity Big Brother' after rising to fame on 'The X Factor', and Tara Reid - who appeared alongside them on the reality TV show - previously hailed the duo as her “naughty little brothers”.

The ‘American Pie’ actress struck up a friendship with the twins – whose real names are John and Edward Grimes – when they appeared on the show, and she was thrilled that they got to spend most of last year's lockdown together because they are her "best friends".

She said: "I just love them both so much. Jedward are my best friends. They are the coolest guys ever. "We have been so close since we met in the 'Big Brother' house in 2011.

"There actually were not sharing my home like the press reported, they happened to have their own apartment in the same block as me, so we kind of grouped up together.

"They are two of the funniest people I have ever met in my whole life and they have hearts of gold.

"I can't understand how people can't tell John and Edward apart - to me, they look so different … They are like my two naughty little brothers."

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