With weeks of rumours now being put to rest, wrestler Jeff Hardy has confirmed that he will be joining his brother Matt under the wrestler promotion, AEW.

Having been released from WWE back in January, following an incident at a live event in Texas where it was reported that Jeff left in the middle of a match, disappearing into the crowd and never returning, he has now found a new home.

Currently nearing the end of a 90-day non-compete clause that was a part of his WWE contract, Jeff will be able to appear with AEW from March 9th, 2022.

Speaking with Jared Myers on his YouTube channel, the wrestler confirmed: "I'm going to AEW. I'm so excited... I'm so nervous and excited."

We've got our fingers crossed that any issues Jeff may have been facing, including personal struggles - many of which he has battled publicly throughout his years in the spotlight - are now firmly in Jeff's rearview mirror. That way, he'll be able to focus on this next exciting step in his career, making headlines for his talents, rather than for controversy.

The news comes off the back of Cody and Brandi Rhodes' decision to leave AEW, despite being an important part of its initial creation, with Cody even serving as one of the company's Executive Vice Presidents, alongside AEW President and CEO Tony Khan. Brandi was also employed as the company's Chief Brand Officer.

Rumours suggest that Cody could be set to make a shock comeback to WWE, despite being criminally underused during his last run with the company. Hopefully, if he is signing up under Vince McMahon's sports entertainment business once again, he'll be given the chance to shine after showing he is one of the most exciting stars in the industry, during his time at AEW.

Rhodes is said to have been "hurt by some of the things said" following his departure, but after declaring AEW the future of wrestling on so many occasions, can he really be shocked that the world rolled their eyes when he moved on?

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