Jeff Wan has become the second contestant to get axed from 'The Apprentice'.

Jeff Wan

Jeff Wan

The 28-year-old business analyst's dreams of becoming Lord Sugar's business partner have been scuppered after he was fired from the show in tonight's (11.10.17) episode after his team - the boys - failed to successfully refurbish Stoke Park Hotel.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jeff said: "I guess it's heartbreaking to leave so early because I thought I could go a long way. It's the thought of not being able to prove myself and showcase my talent and skills. I wasn't even the Project Manager or the Sub-team Leader so it's just absolutely heartbreaking."

Viewers have seem the contestants clash numerous times over the past two episodes but Jeff is adamant they actually bonded "very well" and got on outside of the tasks.

He explained: "We bonded very well, but when we were on the task and we were trying to get things done, it was just a clash of personalities.

"Everyone is very strong, everyone was very successful in our real lives and we always wanted to be the man in charge so we could never co-operate."

And, although he's now out of the competition, Jeff has admitted he'd jump at the chance to make a return if Lord Sugar and the BBC decided to bring back old stars.

He said: "I'm a big fan of the show and I've watched it since series one. If we ever do an 'Apprentice' returning series where past contestants come back, I'd definitely be throwing my name into the hat. There's so many big personalities from the show."

'The Apprentice' will return to screens next Wednesday (18.10.17) on the BBC at 9pm.