Jennifer Metcalfe is "really excited" about returning to 'Hollyoaks'.

Jennifer Metcalfe

Jennifer Metcalfe

The 35-year-old actress has been on maternity leave to care for her 10-month-old son Daye - who she has with boyfriend Greg Lake - but she'll be reprising her role as Mercedes McQueen in June and she "can't wait" to be around other adults again.

She said: "I'm really excited. I'm more excited for Daye recently, because he's so ready for nursery.

"I also can't wait for some regular adult conversation.

"It will be hard leaving him but I'm ready for the next chapter now."

Jennifer thinks it's important to get time away from her son, as though she feels "guilty" being apart from him, she believes it makes her a "better person".

She said: "You do feel guilty but I think you're a better person when you go back.

"I went to Liverpool for the week on my own with Daye and we had a really challenging week - I didn't sleep a wink for about three days so one of my friends helped out.

"I checked into a hotel to get some sleep. I was gone for six hours and back by 5am but it was a lovely six hours."

And Jennifer admitted she's not ready for another baby because she's so tired.

Asked if she wants another child, she said: "This really changes from week to week. This week it's a no. Sleep is everything."

The brunette beauty recently had a "perfect" holiday to Majorca just with Greg and thinks the break was well needed.

She added to OK! magazine: "We had two nights away and Greg's parents looked after Daye.

"We did lots of sleeping, relaxing and talking. When Daye goes to bed, we're exhausted so we go to bed soon after him, so it was lovely to have some one-on-one time.

"We love each other's company. We need it."

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