Jeremy Clarkson cannot remember the last time he had a day off, and he barely finds time to eat nowadays.

Jeremy Clarkson can't remember the last time he had a day off

Jeremy Clarkson can't remember the last time he had a day off

The 'Grand Tour' co-host is often busy working on his Diddly Squat Farm when he is not filming the motoring show, or the Amazon Prime Video documentary series 'Clarkson's Farm' - which follows the ups and downs of life on his land - and the star didn't even have a break when he was struck down with coronavirus.

He said: "I haven’t had a day off in forever. I can’t remember when I did. It’s just forever - since I was 20.

"I didn’t even take time off when I had COVID. The French love taking time off. There’s always something to protest about or strike about and they seem to enjoy that. I wouldn’t want to work like that.

"I haven’t got time to be ill. Today for my lunch I had a quarter of a pork pie and I didn’t even sit down to eat it, I walked from one place to another.

"I haven’t even got time to sit down and eat."

But the 61-year-old star's hectic lifestyle isn't affecting his health, as he was given the green light after a full body check-up recently, but he fears putting on weight and having to undergo a machine used on horses the next time he needs an MRI.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he added: "I passed my health check a couple of weeks ago. They put their head up my bum, had a look around, couldn’t see anything.

"I spent two hours in an MRI. They play videos to you now — I watched the whole of 'Iron Man'.

"They give you headphones and project it on to these goggles. And while I did, they looked at every ­single bone and everything inside me. So that was good. What I am really worried about is that if you get really fat, you have to use a horse MRI at the vets."

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