Jeremy Clarkson claims the new series of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' features a moment no viewer will want to miss.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

The 60-year-old presenter has teased details of the upcoming series, revealing it features a "precious" moment of television.

Jeremy shared: "I wouldn't want to do a spoiler, but there is one of those precious moments, not just in the show's history but I'd say if you look across all of television.

"There are occasionally moments that you go, 'Christ, I remember that'. And there is one coming up in this series - a truly brilliant, brilliant bit of television."

The outspoken star even admitted to "welling up" during the show.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I mean, I was just bowled over. The old tear ducts were welling up. I won't say any more than that but it is very good television."

Jeremy first took over as the show's presenter two years ago.

And he thinks the contestants in the new series are "much better" than before.

The TV star said: "I'm not quite sure what the selection process is for candidates but I think it's definitely changed, because we're getting much better people in the room now than we did in perhaps the first series.

"I mean, that woman who phoned a friend about SAS and thought it stood for super ability or whatever ...

"Just morons, absolute morons, getting into the chair and winning enough for a fridge-freezer - and wasting ten minutes of television in the process, so it's really infuriating.

"But in the next run, they're all very good. And one or two are exceptionally good contestants, not just that they know lots of stuff, they're also very nice people.

"And everybody wants to see a nice person have some good fortune."

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