Jess Wright has warned young stars against getting plastic surgery.

Jess Wright

Jess Wright

The 35-year-old TV personality is thankful her model sister Natalya, 20, has shunned the temptation to undergo surgery and she's implored other reality stars to follow suit.

Jess said: "I am so pleased this is the way things are going because for a long time I've seen young girls having filler and all this surgery and it breaks my heart to think they're so young and they're changing their face so much.

"Each to their own and I'm not judging as everyone should be able to do what they want to do but personally I prefer that young girls are changing that now because there was a long time that I thought there was no going back.

"It was big lips, big cheeks, and it just ended up not looking good. I am really pleased about that – I have a younger sister and I didn't want her to fall into that trap of thinking that was the way she should be and thankfully she didn't so that's really good.

"Some people might not be able to reverse it – my advice to young girls would really be don't fall into that trap and definitely don't over do it."

Jess also gets annoyed that people assume she's had lots of surgery over the years.

The brunette beauty told MailOnline: "It does annoy me when I see comments online and they're like, 'Oh God she's had so much work done she doesn't look anything like she used to' - I've had nothing done, I've had a bit of Botox, that's what annoys me.

"My main thing is having good hydro facials and minimal Botox, or baby Botox.

"I don't want to go down the filler route. I don't think it would suit me if I ever went down that road. I'd just look puffy."