Krysten Ritter is back in the Marvel Comics role of Jessica Jones for a second season of the Netflix original series, and it would seem she hasn’t let her wit escape her, despite all of the chaos and madness going on around her. You can check out the brilliant first-look trailer for the show below, as well as a new poster that promises “no filter” in the batch of new episodes:

Jessica Jones season 2 will see the titular hero attempting to put her life back together and find a hint of normality following the torment she received throughout the show’s first season, as well as the mess of events that took place in The Defenders.

That of course proves to be harder than she could ever anticipate, as she’s now known throughout New York City as a super-powered killer, and somebody who’s willing to get her hands dirty for the greater good.

When a new mystery lands on her door, she’s reluctant to get involved, but is soon drawn back into a criminal world that will see her looking into her past, finding out who she really is and digging into the reasons why she’s become who she is today.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the action that’s set to consume the second season, with Jones of course leading proceedings and finding help from her best friend, Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor).

Ending with an ominous clap from a man we all know will be running rings around Jessica’s mind, Kilgrave (played by David Tennant), the two-minute teaser is something that will be dissected piece-by-piece, until fans get the opportunity to binge all of the new episodes.

Fortunately, they have just under a month to go until they’ll be allowed back into the world of Jones.

Jessica Jones season 2 comes exclusively to Netflix on March 8, 2018.

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