Jim Broadbent would love to star in a second series of 'Bodyguard'.

Jim Broadbent at the premiere of King of Thieves

Jim Broadbent at the premiere of King of Thieves

The 'Game of Thrones' actor has been "impressed" with the BBC One drama - which sees Richard Madden play personal protection officer David Budd, who is in charge of looking after Keeley Hawes' home secretary character Julia Montague - and Jim is keen to take part in a second run of the show, if one is made.

Speaking at the premiere of 'King of Thieves' - in which he plays Terry Perkins - in London's Leicester Square on Wednesday night (12.09.18), he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I would be interested in that. If there was something that suits me I'd be there.

"TV drama is fantastic at the moment, I've been watching a lot, you just get lost in it and the production is very engaging and is getting better all the time, it's very slick, I'm impressed.

"Second series of 'Bodyguard', if they've got a role, yes!"

But Jim joked the producers would need to give him a "good part", because the 69-year-old star tends to get landed with playing characters who are "retired or about to die" nowadays.

He added: "The trouble is when you get to my age the role is that you're either retired or you're about to die. They'd have to get me a good part!"

Should Jim join the series as a colleague of David in the police, he has had practice portraying an officer of the law.

He starred as crooked copper Roy Slater in classic sitcom 'Only Fools and Horses' for three episodes.

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