Jimmy Carr feared his tax scandal would ruin his career.

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr

The 48-year-old comedian was exposed for taking part in a tax avoidance scheme in 2012 and he admitted that he was worried it would be the end of his career as a comic.

Speaking to Micky Flanagan, for his Sky One show 'Peeping Behind The Curtain', Jimmy said: "Making money stops making any kind of sense. You're not being paid for what you do anymore - you're being paid for who you are.

"It did feel that I was going to lose it all. It felt like maybe I was going to get cancelled. Maybe that's it, maybe I won't be able to work or tour again. It was scary.

"The thing you have to focus on is gratitude and go, 'Oh what an amazing journey'."

Back in 2017, Jimmy opened up about the scandal and said he had been prepared to say goodbye to his career over it.

Speaking on the BBC's 'Desert Island Discs', he said: "When you're in the middle of that [it's] like, 'could this be a career-ender?' I guess with something like that, that's the worst case scenario.

"Even worst case scenario, I've had a pretty good run in showbiz terms. I've been at the same level for probably 12 years now - that's very lucky to have a long, sustained career in showbiz. So it's going to disappear at some point."

After the tax scandal was revealed, then-Prime Minister David Cameron described is as "morally wrong" and Carr admitted that made him realise how serious the situation was.

He said: "If the Prime Minister breaks off from the G20 summit in Mexico - in a meeting with the 19 most important people in the world - and he comes out and makes a press statement about your tax affairs, that is going to need dealing with.

“You've got to get out in front of it, and also you need to own it. Sometimes when footballers are involved in these things, people go: 'Well he probably didn't know what was going on and he got advice'. I don't think anybody was buying that line with me, I think people thought: 'He probably knew what he was doing'."

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