Joe Lycett's house is being haunted by a "ghost dog", which leads to other pooches urinating in his doorway.

Joe Lycett

Joe Lycett

The 33-year-old comedian - who is a cat man himself, and a proud owner of feline friend Winston - has made every effort to stop cheeky canines marking their territory, but to no avail.

He is quoted by The Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I do think there may be a ghost dog in my house. There’s this one area that all dogs p*** in, it’s just in my doorway and they can be the most trained dog.

"I’ve sprayed all that anti-whatever down on there. But every dog that comes in eventually just has a little p*** in my doorway inside the house.

“I’m always wiping up dog p*** when ­people come round and it’s this one spot and I reckon it’s a dog ghost.”

It comes as Joe is gearing up to front a Channel 4 documentary about climate change.

The special - which will air on Channel 4 to mark the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference - currently has a working title of 'Joe Lycett vs The Oil Giant' and will see the comedian examine the phenomenon of 'greenwashing', where companies exaggerate their green initiatives for public relations.

He said: "The things I’ve learned making this documentary have been shocking. Expect sarcastic Twitter exchanges, Hollywood stars, me being confronted by some big burly security guards, and a spoof advert depicting the CEO of one of the biggest polluters on earth doing something truly disgusting."

The funnyman is also set to appear on the latest series of BBC genealogy show 'Who Do You Think You Are' as part of a star-studded line-up that also includes Dame Judi Dench, 86, popstar Pixie Lott, 30 and ex-politician Ed Balls, 54.