Joe Sugg "really missed" Dianne Buswell after their time on 'Strictly Come Dancing.'

Joe Sugg on when he knew he wanted to date Diane Buswell

Joe Sugg on when he knew he wanted to date Diane Buswell

The 30-year-old YouTube star was runner up on the 2019 series of the BBC ballroom competition alongside professional Dianne Buswell,33, and although the pair ended up in a relationship after their time on the show, Joe admitted that there was no initial "spark" when they first met.

He said: "No, [there was no instant spark]. I'm a professional and so is Dianne and just wanted to learn to dance, and as soon as I had that first session with Dianne and the buzz of that first Saturday night, I didn't want it to end. I didn't want to miss out on the party. That's the worst FOMO you can imagine. It wasn't until afterwards that I thought 'Oh, I really miss your company.'"

The West End star - who is the brother of fellow YouTuber sensation Zoella - also made a memorable appearance on a celebrity version of 'The Great British Bake Off' and fainted after cutting his finger and joked that he has "gone down in meme history" as a result.

He told the Metro newspaper's SixtySeconds column: "I've gone down in meme history! These British meme compilations often involve the guy from 'Come Dine With Me' putting the whole whisk in his mouth, then the guy with a Greggs plastic bag when he's being interviewed, then me fainting and James Blunt going 'Oh dear...' They checked I was OK with it going out and I said they had to keep it in. It was a charity show and it was going to get more people watching."

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