Joe Tracini felt like he was "going to die" while suffering a panic attack on Monday (08.10.18).

Joe Tracini

Joe Tracini

The 'Hollyoaks' star has been outspoken about his battles with anxiety and suicidal thoughts in the past, and on World Mental Health Day (10.10.18) he revealed he spent two days recovering and "being able to do nothing" after a recent panic attack, which felt like he was being "beaten up from the inside out".

He said: "I'm going to tell you about my last couple of days. I had a panic attack on a train in Preston on Monday. If you've not had a panic attack - they're fun.

"If by fun you mean, feel like you're going to die. It took me two days to recover - I've literally spent two days being able to do nothing.

"It was like I was wearing a knuckleduster with 'kill yourself' written on it and my own voice was pummelling the inside of my forehead with it non-stop for 48 hours."

Joe - who plays Dennis Savage in the Channel 4 soap - has urged others to tell people about it if they are experience similar feelings, and admits he is not "ashamed" of what happened to him.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Joe added: "Why am I telling you? Because I shouldn't be ashamed of that happening, because I didn't pick it.

"I'm telling all of you people that I don't know that that happened to me. I didn't do that thing that my brain was telling me to do. I waited and waited and felt like I was being beaten up from the inside out.

"But I woke up today and it was gone, which is lovely.

"If you feel like that, if you feel anything, please tell somebody.

"Not just today, every day."

Joe - whose father is comedian Joe Pasquale - recently admitted his brain sometimes tells him that taking his only life is the "best and only option" he has.

He said: "Something I've learnt is life is a stack of moments and you can only ever see one at a time, and sometimes my brain tells me that taking my life is the best and only option I've got.

"I know this happens to a lot of people.

"I think the important thing to tell myself and anybody else is that in that moment you might feel like that and you might feel like that in the next one, but there will always be a moment where you won't feel like that.

"So please wait for it."