Joey Essex wants to date a celebrity.

Joey Essex

Joey Essex

The 29-year-old TV star - who was previously engaged to Sam Faiers - is looking to find love with someone who is working within the entertainment industry.

Joe shared: "I normally date girls because I'm bored, but I want to settle down now and I do wonder how I'll find the one.

"I'm single at the moment and I need to date someone in the industry because they'll know the situation that if we go out, there might be people watching.

"I've dated girls before who are not in the limelight and it feels awkward."

Joey also revealed he fears he'll become fat one day, having made his name as a "good-looking guy".

The reality star thinks he looks "reem" at the moment - and he's determined to maintain his healthy appearance.

Joey told The Sun newspaper: "My family are all quite big and I've got the metabolism to get quite fat. I need to be careful as my dad was my weight and size at my age when he was a boxer, he was absolutely ripped.

"As he got older, he got really big, so I've got that in me. All my family are huge - my dad's brother is called Big Greg.

"They weren't on TV so they didn't care as much. But for me, I get anxiety if I look at myself and don't look as good as I looked two weeks ago, so I automatically start doing press-ups and skipping.

"I present myself as a good-looking guy, really ripped and very reem, I need to maintain that."