John Lewis' highly-anticipated Christmas advent features a farting monster.

John Lewis' Moz

John Lewis' Moz

The high street giant unveiled its latest campaign, which signals the start of the festive season for the nation, this morning (10.11.17) and it certainly didn't disappoint as it depicts the tale of seven-year-old boy called Joe who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a seven-foot beast called Moz, who is living under his bed, after his snoring keeps him awake at night.

The young boy suffers a series of restless nights as the hoots and howls from Moz's mouth stop him from getting some shut eye but, one night in the run-up to Christmas Day (25.12.17), he discovers what has been disrupting his sleep as the scruffy giant lets rip a large fart.

The youngster falls into a fit of giggles and looks under the bed to find the long-haired creature with bulging, long gnashers and a large nose resting on his back under the slats.

The pair quickly become best friends but Moz is kept hidden under Joe's bed until everyone in the house is asleep. He then emerges and the duo spend the night playing games.

But the late nights start to have an impact on the schoolboy and he struggles to stay awake during the day - falling asleep at school, during a football game and at the kitchen table.

Moz realises his presence his wreaking havoc for Joe and he decides the best thing for him to do is to leave the little boy - but not before he leaves a thoughtful gift under the tree.

Joe wakes up on Christmas morning to discover a badly wrapped snow globe sat among his presents and when he flicks on the special gift, he hears his imaginary friend's snoring.

The soundtrack that accompanies the advert, which was directed by Oscar-winnter Michel Gondry, is a cover of The Beatles' 'Golden Slumbers' by Elbow.