John Simm would love to star opposite Jodie Whittaker in 'Doctor Who'.

John Simm

John Simm

The 48-year-old actor has played The Master in the sci-fi series on and off from 2007, and the 'Life on Mars' star says it would be a "pleasure and a joy" to reprise his role on the show because he thinks Jodie, who has been cast as the first-ever female Time Lord, is "fantastic".

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, John - who last appeared in 'Doctor Who' in 2017 - said: "I have no idea but if they asked me I'd absolutely consider it because she's fantastic.

"It's always a pleasure and a joy to go back and do that show and be that guy."

John's latest role will see him star in ITV's compelling new thriller 'Strangers' - which follows his alter-ego, sociology lecturer Jonah Mulray, whose life is thrown in into turmoil when his wife dies in a car crash in Hong Kong - and the actor thinks the twists and turns in the plot will captivate audiences.

Speaking to the i newspaper, he said: "I've got form when it comes to wandering around looking confused in a city I don't seem to recognise, maybe that's why they cast me.

"Jonah is completely bewildered and discombobulated by Hong Kong. He feels very ill at ease. He is an absolute fish out of water.

"He doesn't speak the language, he hates flying and he's never been there before. For him, Hong Kong is a very different culture. The city is an assault on the senses. He is an alien landing on another planet.

"Nothing is quite what it seems in this drama and that's brilliant for the audiences."

The 'Mad Men' star admitted he enjoys playing characters that are in turmoil, because they are more interesting.

John said: "To me they are always the most interesting characters to play; there are many layers to them. You're the eyes of the audience.

"You're trying to get people on your side and make this character remarkable even though he's not."