John Torode admits 'MasterChef' can make him "a bit chubby" if he "doesn't look after himself".

John Torode never gets bored of 'MasterChef'

John Torode never gets bored of 'MasterChef'

The TV chef has been a judge on the competitive cooking contest alongside Greg Wallace for almost two decades, but he never gets bored of filming the BBC show because every episode is different.

However, he does have to watch how much food he tucks away while filming.

He told My Weekly magazine: "I've been judging 'MasterChef' now for 18 years.

"I never get bored of it, because it's so unpredictable.

"We're not scripted and all sorts can happen - every day brings a new bit of joy.

"It's a cool job that can make me a bit chubby if I don't look after myself, but otherwise there are no downsides."

The 56-year-old Australian-British presenter admitted he felt terrible for the contestant who accidentally set fire to a frying pan this series.

He said: "I always feel bad for contestants when things go wrong.

"This series a frying pan caught fire, because of a silly oversight.

"This poor person had put a baking tray on an induction hub thinking it was off, and the next thing you know billowing smoke is filling the kitchen."

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