Johnny Vegas has landed a Channel 4 documentary series about revamping caravans.

Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas

The barmy comedian will be joined by his assistant Bev as they take on the challenge of transforming five holiday homes in Wales into a luxury glamping experience on a time scale, with no prior knowledge of running a business or interior designs.

On how the idea for the show, titled 'Llas Vegas', came about, Johnny said: "I bought a bus online.

"Not because it's what showbiz folk do, but because my camping van got nicked and it had been my wee bit of creative space heaven.

"Since then, a number of pub chats, misadventures, an art school virus to create beauty as and when you can, plus a deep desire to save these gorgeous machines from a scrap heap, I'm suddenly, finally trying to turn a 'What if?' into a 'Well why not?'"

The 'Benidorm' star will also have to fund the project, buy the buses and seek planning permission from the local council.

Admitting he's "not the most organised" person, he added: "Borrowing cash, sorting out red tape via Bev and taking a risk on the fact that other folk will want to spend time in a place that feels special.

"But I get it.

"As no doubt the bank manager might say, I'm not the most organised person, but I tend to invest in passion."

Plum Pictures - who are producing the programme - hinted that it will end up a total fiasco.

The production company's Managing Director Will Daws said: "Llas Vegas will surely become one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the country - if Johnny can raise the money, buy the buses, sort out planning permissions, keep the locals on side and stick to a schedule. What could possibly go wrong."

'Llas Vegas' will air later this year on Channel 4.

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