Jonathan Ross flashed Ray Winstone to prove he isn't going grey.

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

The talk show host's interview with the 'Point Break' actor will air this weekend on ITV, and he revealed they shared an unusual exchange backstage to settle a debate over whether Jonathan dyes his hair.

Appearing on Thursday's 'Loose Women' (06.09.18), the TV star said: "He made me prove it to him by showing him hair on another part of my body. I showed him, he had to have a sit down afterwards.

"Anyone who wants to know if I dye my hair, ask Ray Winstone, he'll tell you the truth."

Although he was keen to prove his point Jonathan, 57, explained that he wouldn't mind if he did go grey.

He added: "I'm 58 in November and I don't dye my hair. If I was gpomg grey and I was dying my hair, I'd tell everyone.

"I don't really care what I look like. I look ok, I don't look terrible."

The star also opened up to the panel about making his own show stand out, and admitted things had changed since the likes of Sir Michael Parkinson because celebrities are much more accessible nowadays.

He said: "You have to find an angle now. And also the sorta show I'm doing now, it's not really a talk show which is about getting to the depth of a personality and finding out their problems in life.

"We do cover some of those topics, but really it's about trying to create a Saturday night entertainment show. We want a fun atmosphere and everyone to join in."