Jonny Mitchell has video messaged his girlfriend Stephanie Pratt's family.

Jonny Mitchell

Jonny Mitchell

The 'Love Island' hunk has been dating the 'Made in Chelsea' beauty - who lives in London - for a few months now but, although he's yet to meet her relatives in person because they all live across the pond in the US, he has spoken to them on FaceTime.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the ITV Gala, held at The London Palladium, on Thursday (09.11.17), he said: "I haven't met them yet, I've FaceTimed them a couple of times but still yet to meet.

"I'm as nervous as anyone would be meeting your girlfriends family, I'm sure I can win them over. We'll see, you know I'm the most charming man on earth. I'm sure I'll be all right, they sound pretty easy going, they seem like really nice people."

But there may be an opportunity for the 26-year-old star to meet Stephanie's family over the next few weeks as he's hoping that they will spend the festive period together.

He explained: "Maybe, yeah, haven't discussed, I don't know, it's never come up but I mean probably, if we are together we'll probably be with each other for Christmas."

The couple were rumoured to be filming a show together but Jonny has admitted they're just trying to focus on their relationship at the moment away from the spotlight.

He added: "We're just concentrating on our relationship and that's it.

"We're trying to take a little bit of a step back from everything else, we don't want it to be to clouded with other stuff, we just want to have a nice relationship away from sort of too much of the spotlight, that kind of thing."

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