Celebrity Big Brother's Jonny Mitchell is planning to make a move on Ashley James.

Jonny Mitchell

Jonny Mitchell

The former 'Love Island' hunk has just split from his girlfriend Stephanie Pratt but that won't stop him from trying to get close with the blonde beauty as his friends believe he'll attempt to struck up a romance with her in order to create some exciting viewing.

A source told The Sun Online: "Jonny knows how to play a good game, he showed that when he was on 'Love Island'. He'll without a doubt have a game plan for his time in the house. He's told friends he's set his sights on Ashley as she's exactly his type.

"Who could blame him though? She's gorgeous and lovely! And he's a great looking guy - they would make a gorgeous couple.

"He'd be lucky to get with her but she's definitely his type - a beautiful, sexy blonde. Being in the house will mean he can get close to her."

However, although his friends think he'll be trying to get it on with Ashley in the famous abode, the 26-year-old businessman is adamant he'll be "very chilled out."

He explained: "I will be chilled out. I didn't get to relax and come out of my shell much on 'Love Island' because of the pressure. I hope people see the real me this time...

"If the right person is in there but I think I need a bit of time out from relationships."

And the Jonny has admitted her experience with Stephanie has put him off dating anyone else in the public eye for now because it was so turbulent.

He added to star magazine: "It has put me off dating someone else in the public eye. Dating Steph was like being on a TV show. Everything she does is for attention."

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