Josh 'JP' Patterson thought about taking his own life three years ago.

Josh 'JP' Patterson

Josh 'JP' Patterson

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star hit "rock bottom" back in 2015 and contemplated committing suicide but "something in that moment" stopped him and he's so grateful because he now has 11-month-old daughter India with his girlfriend Binky Felstead.

Speaking on 'The Wright Show' on Friday (11.05.18), he said: "Three years ago, I hit rock bottom. My self worth was non-existent to the point where I was going to take my life - and something in that moment stopped me from doing it.

"And the reason why I'm so passionate about this now is that when you think there is nothing to live for, I'd like to think I'm that one of those individuals that can prove to you that there is. Three years later, after having no self worth, I now am in a relationship with the most beautiful girlfriend. I have a baby daughter who is 11 months, I've just started my own business and I've just had a series commissioned connected to the mental strength of humanity in general."

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old hunk has thrown himself head first into fatherhood but has admitted he won't let his daughter eat grapes because he's "terrified" of them.

He said recently: "I hate grapes. I'm terrified of them. They freak me out because of the texture. I won't let Binks eat them and we're having a debate about whether India is going to be allowed to have them.

"I love Maoam Pinballs. I could eat junk food all day. Fortunately, I have the metabolism of a 13-year-old boy. I find putting on weight so hard."

Josh has a nutritionist come up with meal plans for him because he used to get bored with his "dire" diet and now has much more variety and enjoys his food more.

He said: "I went through a period where I was uneducated with nutrition and just ate brown rice, chicken and broccoli with no seasoning - and it was dire.

"You should enjoy the food you're eating.

"I now spend a bit of money on a nutritionist and he writes out a food plan for me. He gives me a varied, balanced plan and I enjoy my food now."

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