Joss Stone wonders if magic mushrooms could help those suffering with depression.

Joss Stone

Joss Stone

The 'Masked Singer' winner went looking for the special mushrooms around her home county of Devon but was less disappointed when she couldn't find "the blasted things".

Speaking on A Cuppa Happy podcast, she said: "We're all going through our anxiety and depressive moments. The reality is literally outside your window. You can walk through the fields and find these little mushrooms. Should we have to wait for permission to self heal?"

However, Joss didn't have much luck in the fields near her childhood home in Devon as she couldn't find the mushrooms because "they're too small".

She added: "I can never see the blasted things – they’re too small."

Joss discussed it with Professor David Nutt - who specialises in the effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms - on her podcast but he warned her of the danger of picking potentially poisonous ones.

Meanwhile, Joss previously admitted it was "great not being judged" on 'The Masked Singer'.

Explaining her favourite part of the show, she said: "Isn’t it amazing? I don’t think it’s the voice. I learned that at the beginning. It’s got to be about the laughs. It's really just being able to have fun and not be judged as well. I know you’re getting judged for your performance but not really, not in the same way. We all have our preconceptions of somebody. All of that was out the window. It’s just music, it’s just a laugh. And that’s what it came down to. It wasn’t anything too serious. That was the best bit about it."

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