Judge Rinder thinks same sex couples on 'Strictly Come Dancing' would be "game-changing" for popular culture.

Robert Rinder competing in Strictly Come Dancing

Robert Rinder competing in Strictly Come Dancing

The 40-year-old 'Judge Rinder' star appeared as a contestant in the 2016 series of 'Strictly' and reached the quarter-finals before being voted off with dance partner, Oksana Platero.

With same-sex couples being a consideration for this first time in the show's history, Robert told The Telegraph: "I don't think it's that controversial. In Blackpool they have loads of same-sex partners, particularly women dancing with women because there aren't enough men.

"Look, it would be great if that happens because that visibility really does matter. 'Strictly' is a big part of some people's lives and for a young gay person going through [a difficult time], they could see that it can be fun, joyous and OK.

"People say society is post-gay, but there are places in London where it is still unsafe to hold the hand of your partner, so it could be game-changing."

The celebrity judge admitted he took everything in the contest with a pinch of salt and felt lucky to be given free dance lessons.

Robert added: "I mean, no one f**king died. It was tedious having all these journalists telling me how hard I must be working. It was a privilege really and I was being given free dance lessons. It wasn't as if I was up in front of some snaggle-toothed Wykehamist judge explaining to him why someone should be granted asylum."

The ex-'Strictly' star recently split up from his fellow barrister husband, Seth Cummings, after four years of marriage.

Robert said: "We were together for 13 years and one needs a grace period, but it's all been very amicable. I think 'what did I learn from that, what went wrong?'"