Judy Finnigan is "done" with television.

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan

The 70-year-old star - who famously presented alongside her husband Richard Madeley - has retired from television work completely, according to their daughter Chloe.

Chloe shared to The Sun's Bizarre TV column: "My mum is done with TV and if she went back to it I don't think it would make her happy. She wants to concentrate on other things, such as her health and our family ... My dad is still in the mix on TV. I love watching him do what he does best and I love listening to him."

Meanwhile, Richard previously insisted he and Judy will never present another TV show together because "enough is enough".

When quizzed on the matter by Ruth Langsford - who followed in the footsteps of Richard and Judy and now presents 'This Morning' part-time with her husband Eamonn Holmes - he shared: "It's just not gonna happen. We did it for 21 years. We did 13 on 'This Morning'. We did seven and a half on Channel 4 and we were doing local news together before that. Enough is enough. And you should quit when you're ahead I think."

Meanwhile, Judy revealed last year that "sexism" in the media industry used to make her angry and it was the differing treatment between her and Richard that constantly ticked her off.

She explained: "Sexism in TV certainly was absolutely rampant. I don't just mean sexual sexism, but stuff like we'd be doing 'This Morning' from Liverpool, say, and if something really dramatic happened in the world there would be a newsflash.

"The director would come through from the gallery and say, 'ITN want to come to us in two minutes, so when I tell you, Richard, will you hand over to ITN.' It was always Richard.

"I was furious because I was as much a journalist as him but they automatically thought the person to hand over to in a crisis was a man, so we had a few words."

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