Julia Goulding says working in Coronation Street's Roy's Rolls puts her off eating.

Julia Goulding

Julia Goulding

The 'Corrie' star plays cafe worker Shona Ramsey on the ITV soap and the actress admits clapping eyes on the fake greasy food certainly doesn't make her hungry, and she joked someone could even die if they tried to eat any of the stand-in grub.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It really doesn't make me hungry. The food the supporting artists eat and the actors eat is obviously real but everything else ... you'd probably die if you tried to eat something from Roy's."

While she doesn't leave Roy's eager to eat, Julia enjoys spending time with David Neilson, who plays cafe owner Roy Cropper, admitting he puts on a "masterclass" with every performance.

She added: "It's blissful working with David. He is absolutely brilliant. It's like learning from the master. It's a masterclass every time you watch him work. He's fantastic - I love him."

Julia celebrated Corrie's Best Soap success at the Inside Soap Awards last month while dressed to impressed in a little black outfit - and she joked her alter-ego would never be allowed to dress up at work.

When asked if Shona would ever get away with wearing such an outfit in Roy's, she replied: "Absolutely not. Can you imagine this covered in bacon fat? He wouldn't allow it."

But Julia looks set to getting back to some "nitty gritty" storylines in the coming months, and hinted Shona could turn "a bit bad again".

She said: "There are some really good stories coming up for Shona, and obviously I can't tell you much about them.

"But it's been nice to have some light relief since the rape storyline, so I'm really looking forward to getting back into the nitty gritty drama. It's nice to be able to do both.

"I'd like to see her go off the rails again. From what she came in as I've been allowed to explore so many different colours to her personality.

"I'd be excited to get a bit bad again."

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