Julien Macdonald and Janette Manrara

Julien Macdonald and Janette Manrara

Julien Macdonald's 'Strictly' partner has dubbed the fashion designer Michael Flatley's second coming.

Professional dancer Janette Manrara likened Macdonald to the 'Riverdance' star after he struggled to pick up the lock steps - where a dancer's feet appear to lock together.

She said: "He has a lot of lock steps in his routine. I told Julien that his lock steps look a little bit more like Riverdancing because he locks them so much so I've been calling him Michael Flatley all afternoon and referencing to 'Riverdance' when it pops it up.

"Hopefully he thinks about it now and doesn't do it when it comes to performance night."

The flamboyant star is also finding the physical aspect of training tough and has embarked on a daily course of weight lifting after being told to improve his upper body strength.

Speaking on a video posted on the BBC's 'Strictly' blog, he added: "Janette's told me I've got to get more physical. She's told me my upper body is too weak and it needs to be strong so I've decided now every morning at 7am I'm doing an hour pumping weights, which I hate."

The new series of 'Strictly' starts tonight (27.9.13) at 9pm on BBC One.

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