Kadeena Cox has been voted out of the 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' castle.

Kadeena Cox has left I'm a Celebrity

Kadeena Cox has left I'm a Celebrity

The 30-year-old Paralympian has become the second contestant to leave the ITV show, following in the footsteps of Dame Arlene Phillips.

Kadeena - who has multiple sclerosis (MS) - subsequently discussed her time in the castle and her reasons for joining the show in the first instance, admitting the challenge was tougher than she imagined.

She shared: "If you're scared of everything you're kind of not going to survive very well, so I wanted to push my boundaries.

"I thought it would be a lot easier than it was. I guess I've just learned to deal with my condition at home so I thought yeah I'll be fine, I'll show other people with MS and chronic conditions we can do this.

"It was harder than I thought but I think I showed that even with these trials and tribulations of just life as someone with a chronic condition, you can still crack on and have fun."

Kadeena also discussed her disagreements with Naughty Boy.

The Paralympian - who argued with the music producer over cooking in the camp - said: "Never have two chefs in one kitchen. It was a challenging situation."

Kadeena - who competed at the Paralympics in Brazil in 2016 - noted that her struggles with an eating disorder made the situation especially tough for her.

Reflecting on their clashes, she added: "He's very chilled and laid back. I'm an athlete, I'm very regimented, I've also got an eating disorder so I'm always trying to portion and control."