'Coronation Street' lesbian couple Rana Nazir and Kate Connor are set to wed.

Bhavna Limbachia who plays Rana

Bhavna Limbachia who plays Rana

Bhavna Limbachia and Faye Brooks' alter egos - who have affectionately been dubbed 'Kana' by soap super-fans - are set to make the ultimate commitment to one another and tie the knot on the cobbles.

Although 'Corrie' has featured several homosexual characters in the past none of them have gone on on to tie the knot.

According to TV Times magazine, Rana will return to Weatherfield from a six-week cruise, which she took in the wake of her father's death, and decide to make the ultimate commitment to Kate and the couple will get engaged.

Speaking about the possibility of a huge soap wedding for the pair, Faye said: "I would love a big gay 'Corrie' wedding! I tell the writers that on the set. We're making history."

And Bhavna feels the same, adding: "Rana and Kate have been through so much and faced so many hurdles that I hope the end goal to be together can be realised."

Bhavna is playing the ITV show's first ever gay Muslim character and the issues that have been raised and dealt with throughout the story she admits have changed her life.

The 'Citizen Khan' star - who is married to actor Darren Kuppan in real life - previously said: "This storyline has changed my life to be honest. I feel honoured to be able to shed light on something still so relevant in 2018.

"Faye and I didn't realise how big the storyline would be, and how big the fandom would grow. We are just grateful that we're able to use this platform to raise important issues for the LGBTQ+ community, especially in the Asian community."