Karen Clifton is committed to living in London - despite the breakdown of her marriage.

Kevin and Karen Clifton

Kevin and Karen Clifton

The 35-year-old professional dancer recently announced she'd split from husband and 'Strictly Come Dancing' co-star Kevin Clifton, but Karen doesn't intend to return to New York, where she still has lots of family.

She shared: "London is my home: my career is here.I love going back to New York to visit - my family is there - but I fell in love with London when I came here in 2010 and I always knew I wanted to live here."

And despite their high-profile split, Karen and Kevin are determined to maintain a healthy relationship with each other.

She told HELLO! magazine: "We just want to be happy as individuals, and wish the best for each other. There's so much stuff going on in the world, there's no need to be negative, we don't want to put anyone down."

Kevin added that they remain the best of friends, and that they've already drawn a line under their split.

He said: "What the future holds we have no idea. We are the best of friends, have a good laugh, and life goes on."

By contrast, Karen said in January that while they have had their share of "ups and downs" as a couple, they were "pushing" through.

She explained: "We're a regular couple, we've been together for seven years, and like any other relationship, you have ups and downs.

"We just need to keep pushing. Relationships take work. It's not as easy as you think, especially being in a job like 'Strictly [Come Dancing]'."