Kate Oates wants to sign Shayne Ward up for 'Bancroft' - but fears she may have priced him out of her budget.

Kate Oates

Kate Oates

The 'Coronation Street' series producer will depart the role in June and join ITV's drama 'Bancroft' for the show's second season, and the 'Corrie' boss has hinted she will enter talks with Shayne about appearing in the programme after his "brilliant" portrayal of the late Aidan Connor on the cobbles.

Speaking at the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards at London's Royal Festival Hall on Sunday (13.05.18), she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I knew Shayne the way so many people knew Shayne - as a singer. In giving him the story and watching him grow with it I think he can hold his own in any drama.

"I would love to work with Shayne again. Do you think he'll out price me? Have I created a monster?

"Well in a way I'd kinda love that if that was true for him. He's done so brilliantly."

Shayne bowed out of the soap last Monday night (07.05.18) when viewers saw Aidan break down after suffering weeks of inner turmoil before taking his own life off-screen, and Kate has heaped praise on the 'X Factor' winner, admitting he "absolutely nailed" his performance as the factory boss.

She added: "What I liked best about watching his performance is that he really learned the art of subtext and subtlety.

"The whole point of the storyline is that no one could see what was happening to him.

"Everything had to be slightly under the surface and there are so many people now who have watched the show back and said, 'I saw what he did there and I saw what he did there,' and I really take my hat off to him for that. Because that's hard.

"Those really subtle moments he absolutely nailed - so maybe he has out-priced me and good on him."

Following his 'Corrie' departure, Shayne admitted he was networking at the BAFTAs on the hunt for another serious role to play.

He said: "I want to carry on with the acting in drama, that's my mission. I'm going to chat to everyone tonight."

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