Katherine Ryan will star in her own Netflix sitcom called 'The Duchess'.

Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan

The 35-year-old star will write, produce, and star in her first scripted series for the online streaming service which will stream in six 30-minute episodes.

The new comedy will follow a "fashionably disruptive" single mother living in London with her young daughter Olive and her decision of whether to have another child with Olive's dad, with whom she has a very disruptive relationship.

The comedian will also be returning to Netflix to star in a second hour-long stand up special as she brings her sold-out 2018 UK tour show 'Glitter Room' to the streaming service.

Katherine previously revealed that she was working on a scripted project and admitted that if the series didn't get picked up she would keep pursuing the show as she wanted to "tell her story in any way" she could.

She said: "If this one doesn't end up getting made, I'll write another one, I really am grateful to have my special streaming on Netflix, and I hope that it goes that way.

"Comedians just want to tell their story in any way that they can. But who knows? I'm a pretty bad actress when I'm playing anyone but myself."

Katherine is the mother of eight-year-old daughter Violet who she has with her ex-boyfriend - and the Canadian star has previously joked about having another child, so she could breastfeed while on television.

She said: "Though I do want to get pregnant again, just so I can breastfeed on 'Mock the Week.'

"That's my goal. How I'd love someone to shame me about breastfeeding. I feel so sorry for him already."