Katie McGlynn says it "never occurred" to her that "younger people" could get cancer until her latest 'Coronation Street' storyline.

Katie McGlynn

Katie McGlynn

The 25-year-old actress' pregnant character Sinead Tinker will be dealt with a bombshell that she could have cervical cancer, and the former 'Waterloo Road' star never thought about people her age or younger being struck down with the disease until she started researching the hard-hitting plot.

She told BANG Showbiz: "Until I found out about the storyline it never even occurred to me. As soon as someone said cancer I just assumed older people and not younger people, for a start, and then young women who are pregnant.

"It just never occurred to me people have had to go through this heart-breaking decision of your baby, the treatment that's involved with it. Especially with cervical cancer.

"If you have the treatment or a termination you can't have kids again."

While Katie admits the storyline is "a huge responsibility", she is "really grateful" to show bosses for giving her such a powerful plot to play out, but she was "upset" for her character.

She said: "This is why I started in acting. You need storylines like this. They're trusting me with a lot, so I'm really grateful.

"As an actress being challenged like that is what we want. So I was thrilled.

"I was upset for Sinead, but for Katie I was happy.

"It could be my exit storyline - I don't know yet. It's a long rocky road and I don't know where it'll end."

Katie has grown so attached to Sinead's baby bump that she misses the prosthetic belly when she is not shooting scenes.

She added: "I don't know how pregnant women get on in life.

"I find myself stroking the bump, it's very bizarre. When I take it off I feel a bit lost. It means I can eat what I want and it'll keep me warm in the winter months."