Katie Piper is feeling "psychologically overwhelmed" by 'Strictly Come Dancing' because her acid attacker is due for release from prison.

Katie Piper

Katie Piper

The mother-of-two had hoped the show - on which she is partnered by Gorka Marquez - would provide her with a "welcome distraction" at a difficult time in her personal life but she's finding it tougher than she expected.

She said: "I have been having lots of things going on in my personal life, legal things, and I think it became psychologically overwhelming for me...

"I get really emotional on Mondays and Tuesdays, it's always then I want to storm off in a tantrum and cry because it's a new routine and song, it's so overwhelming."

And the 34-year-old campaigner has requested more upbeat tracks for her routines as she find sad songs make her feel worse.

She admitted to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "When the lyrics are emotional, that's tough...

"My hope this week is that we have a much more upbeat song."

In August, Katie said she hoped 'Strictly' would take her mind off the news Stefan Sylvestre had been granted parole after just nine years of the life sentence he was given for the attack on her.

She said: "This is a really difficult time for me. I am trying to come to terms with the decision and this is something I need to deal with.

"Over the past two weeks 'Strictly' has already given me such a welcome and positive distraction from my past.

"Whilst there is never a good time to hear this news, I am glad I have this new journey to concentrate on."

The former model previously admitted the injuries she sustained in the attack could make 'Strictly' "a little more difficult" for her.

She said: "I've got some injuries that might make it a little more difficult. But I don't think it'd hold me back. I've lived with extensive injuries for 10 years.

"I can't see anything on [my left] side at all, but I've been like that for 10 years, so I've actually forgotten what it's like to see from all sides."