Kelvin Fletcher says Clive Hornby's death was the "saddest day" of his 'Emmerdale' career.

Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher

The 35-year-old actor - who played Andy Sugden from 1996 until his exit in 2016 - has opened up on his reaction when the Jack Sugden legend passed away in 2008 after 28 years on the ITV soap.

Speaking on last night's (03.09.20) episode of 'Emmerdale Family Trees', he said: "I remember getting the call from the producer at the time, informing me of Clive's passing and it was the saddest day of my 'Emmerdale' career.

"This was somebody I'd look up to as an actor and, in many ways, a father. [It was] a real loss. I have the fondest of memories of him."

Kelvin also reflected on one of his more emotional moments on set, when Sammy Winward's character Katie Sugden was killed off in 2015.

Katie's death came after she found proof of Andy's brother Robert (Ryan Hawley) having an affair with Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller).

Over the years, Sammy's alter ego was involved in sibling rivalry, drama and love triangles involving Andy Andy and Robert.

Kevlin said: "When I found out that Katie was going to be killed off, I was gutted. The Powers That Be thought, 'Katie and Andy are not meant to be together!' "

Meanwhile, Sammy admitted she was very emotional on set filming her final moments, and she nearly broke down in tears on camera.

She added: "It was quite hard to play dead, because I wanted to cry as well.

"And as soon as they said cut, that was it - that was my last scene ever."

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