Kem Cetinay keeps throwing "tantrums" during his 'Dancing On Ice' training.

Kem Cetinay

Kem Cetinay

The 'Love Island' winner is set to take part in the celebrity skating contest when it returns to TV screens soon, but it seems his practice sessions aren't going to well.

He told Heat magazine: "I'm the most unflexible, uncoordinated person ever.

"The physio asked, 'How high can you kick your leg?' and I was like, 'This is it'.

"And the skates hurt my feet as well.

"I keep throwing tantrums too. I'll be 10 minutes in and just be like, 'This is too hard, I can't do it anymore.' "

While Kem, 21, is busy training for the show, his girlfriend Amber Davis - who he met on 'Love Island' - is keeping herself occupied by hanging out with his mum.

Kem said: "We're not living together yet as we're both away from home so much, there isn't any point in buying a house right now.

"But Amber has become BFFs with my mum - they're planning to go to St. Lucia together."

And Kem couldn't be happier about their friendship.

He said: "I love it. My mum has always wanted a girl in the family as it's all boys. My nan is one of 14 - and the only female."

Despite his skating tantrums, Kem recently vowed to push himself as hard as possible to win the show.

Speaking previously, he said: "I still can't believe I'm going to be on 'Dancing on Ice'!

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be strapping on a pair of skates and dancing in some Lycra. Anyone who knows me will know how competitive I am, so I'm going to work very hard to stay on my feet! I can't wait to get my skates on."