Kerry Katona is one of the stars taking part in Celebs on the Farm / Picture Credit: MTV
Kerry Katona is one of the stars taking part in Celebs on the Farm / Picture Credit: MTV

Recent years have shown Kerry Katona to be one of the most open and honest celebrities when it comes to talking about her personal life, mental health and everyday struggles.

In helping to break the stigma surrounding various topics, and in particular bipolar disorder with which she has been diagnosed, she’s undoubtedly helped people talk to their loved ones about their own mental health conditions.

Now one of the famous faces set to take part in Celebs on the Farm on MTV, she has spoken about how she couldn’t wait to get out of the house following the coronavirus lockdowns.

Asked if she prefers the outdoorsy lifestyle to the city, she explained: “So for me, I have bipolar and the time I was on the farm I didn't have one down day. It was just something very therapeutic about being outdoors. 

“If I get down and I struggle in normal life, the one thing that helps bring me back up again is going outside for a walk and getting fresh air.

"I'm a perfect country girl. I would never live in the city. I live in East Sussex now because I love the outdoors.”

Opening up further about the experience, she said: "There's the element of being outdoors and working with animals [that's therapeutic]. I was with so many lovely people, I was constantly busy, I was outdoors, we all had jobs to do. I think it all helped [with my bipolar].

“I just never had one down day, so much so that I went online looking for a farm to buy! I found loads, I'm just trying to convince my partner now, but he's having none of it. I want to go from Queen of the Jungle [after winning I'm A Celebrity] to farmer's wife! I'm serious! I actually would.”

As for her fellow celebrities on the show? Those she bonded with may actually surprise you!

"I do always gravitate to the older people like Shaun [Williamson], Lady C [Colin Campbell] and Linda [Robson],” she explained.

“I'd never met Lady C before, but I've got her number now. She's invited me to her house. I could sit and listen to those stories that she tells you. She's just fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. I adore her. 

“She texts me and asks how I am. She's got a complete utter potty mouth, which is absolutely amazing. I adore her and I'm a massive history buff, I'm a bit of a geek like that.”

Brand new to MTV, Celebs on the Farm premieres early next month!

The show was filmed in 2020, with strict Covid-19 protocols and industry guidelines adhered to throughout the production.

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