Kerry was "ready" to leave 'Big Brother'.

Big Brother evicted another housemate this week

Big Brother evicted another housemate this week

In a Halloween twist for the ITV reality show, she was given the boot after a secret public vote, with Noky and Trish given the opportunity to chose the "cursed" nominees as they picked Kerry, Dylan and Olivia.

Speaking to 'Late and Live' host Will Best after she became the fourth housemate to leave, Kerry admitted it was the right time.

She said: "I was so ready to come out, if you didn't know I'm a mum. But this was the best experience ever.

"I was ready, I've got MS, I feel fatigue, I hadn't been sleeping."

And while she'd like to think Trish and Noky sensed she was "ready to go", she suspects she might have simply annoyed her housemates.

She added: "In my head I want to think that they knew I was ready to go but in reality they maybe thought I was moaning."

The "cursed" trio were called to Room 101 with an ominous coffin, before Big Brother told the whole house about Noky and Trish's task.

It was then revealed Kerry had lost the public vote as she had to climb into the coffin and bid farewell to her housemates.

She urged Dylan and Olivia not to react badly to Noky and Trish, noting they were simply doing what they were told by Big Brother.

However, Dylan got into a heated row with Trish, and the remaining members of the "cursed" trio were fuming over the turn of events.

Kerry's exit comes one week after her friend Hallie, 18, was eliminated, while 28-year-old model Zak was given the boot the previous week.

Meanwhile, makeup artist Farida, 50, was the first housemate to be evicted.

'Big Brother' continues tonight (01.11.23) at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.