Kirstie Alley wants "non-stop" sex in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley

The former 'Cheers' star revealed she would love to meet a man while on the show but isn't looking for anything more than a physical connection.

She told The Daily Mirror: "I would be happy if there was a nice single guy that I fancied and vice-versa. I would probably just sh*g them like non-stop. Yeah, probably out in the garden. But it's not really why I'm here.

"I wouldn't be able to do 'Love Island'. I'd be able to do Sh*g Island. 'Love Island' is a little deep for me."

Kirstie, 67, also revealed that she signed up for the Channel 5 reality TV show without informing her agent.

She said: "My agent didn't even know I was doing this, but I like to not become complacent so -sometimes I do crazy things to mix it up and this might be the craziest. I just was like, screw it. Do it."

And she thinks her 'Look Who's Talking' co-star and fellow Scientologist John Travolta, would be a great addition to the house.

She said: "Travolta would be good to have in there because he is the most accepting of any personality of anyone I know.

"He just gets on with everybody, and that's sort of how I am. As long as somebody's well-intentioned and interested in other people... I don't get along great with chaos mongers, let's put it that way."

Meanwhile, Kirstie has been appointed President of the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The actress was the first star to enter the famous abode on Thursday (16.08.18) evening and it wasn't long before she was given a special task.

She was told by Big Brother: "You are the first to enter the house but BB has a much bigger role for you than First Lady. You will be the president and have special powers and privileges. The public will vote for one of your fellow housemates to be Vice President.

"To help them decide, you should ask questions as you meet each housemate this evening...

"You should not reveal you are president before BB's official announcement."

Following Kirstie into the house was former 'Coronation Street' star Ryan Thomas - who spoke frankly about his financial woes in his VT while being introduced to viewers - and the show ended with the public vote revealing he had been voted in as her deputy.