The Krankies got the "fright of their lives" when a fight broke out on a sleeper train when they were filming 'The Real Marigold Hotel'.

The Krankies

The Krankies

The comedy duo Ian and Jimmy Krankie - husband and wife Ian and Janette Tough - are amongst a new group of celebrities to be filmed for the BBC One show to see if retirement in India would be more agreeable than the UK.

At one point, the couple had to take a 10-hour train ride across the South Asian country and their slumber was interrupted by a bust-up between strangers in the same carriage.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Ian shared: "We had a strange incident on a train. We were on a sleeper for 10 Hours, well I say sleeper, it was really a cattle truck with benches on it! Janette took half a sleeping tablet because she thought she'd never sleep on it. She was in an upper bunk, and was in the lower bunk and there was just a curtain separating us from four people. About two in the morning, a big fight broke out and gave us the fright of our lives. It was more verbal than physical, but these guys had a big falling out over something."

The commotion was soon over and Ian admits every person in the carriage came to apologise to him and Janette, and he was taken aback by the respect they were both shown.

He added: "When it had settled down, and our people came and quietened things down, every Indian person in that carriage came and apologised for those people's behaviour. They were so embarrassed, they were such lovely people."

Ian and Janette, both 70, spent a month in India filming the show with newsreader Selina Scott, comedian Syd Little, actresses Susan George and Stephanie Beacham, former 'EastEnders' actor Peter Dean, retired jockey Bob Champion, and 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' contestant Stanley Johnson.

Janette admits it was an incredible experience to go to India and she fell in love with the country and the people.

She said: "The Indian people were such nice people, especially the children, they were amazing. The kids would follow me down the street, I was like the pied piper! I went to loads of dance festivals and was doing Indian dancing with the children, I loved it."

As well as running into some trouble on that sleeper train, the Krankies recently got into some mischief on the Heathrow Express.

The pair teamed up with the airport train route to see if they could sneak Janette on the train in character as Jimmy after a survey revealed that over a third (38%) of parents have tried to beat the system in order to get discounted fares, and almost one in five (18%) admitting to having either hidden their child from a ticket inspector, told their child to look and sound younger or asked their child to pretend to be asleep to get free travel.

The stunt was filmed for a video but Ian admits one member of the public was convinced that Janette was actually trying to get a train ride for free.

He said: "When we were making the video this fella comes up to us and says, 'Can you show me where the Heathrow Express is?' Then he goes, 'Wee Jimmy, it's you! What you up to?' I said, 'We're trying to get Jimmy on the train for free, under 15s go free.' The fella goes, 'That's a great idea!' He must have believed it, he must think I go out with Janette dressed like that all day! Does he go home and think those Krankies are trying to get a cheap fair on the train?!"

Parents can book their Heathrow Express tickets in advance today at where single tickets start at £5.50, with children aged 15 years and undergoing free.