Kris Marshall would be up for a 'My Family' reunion.

Kris Marshall

Kris Marshall

The 47-year-old actor - who played Nick Harper from 2000 to 2003 - landed his breakthrough role on the BBC comedy, and he would be happy to reunite with his dysfunctional family if the opportunity presented itself.

Appearing on 'Good Morning Britain' on Tuesday (02.06.20), he said: "I think it would be [interesting]. Part of the reason that the series worked in the first place was because it was a family, and although they'd still be a family. I'm not so sure now the children have grown up how it would work.

"Fred Barron, who created the series, originally wrote a really sharp script, and it's amazing watching it back. Although it's like looking into a time-travelling portal, it's interesting to see how it stands up still, it's still funny. Never say never. If the scripts were good and the opportunity came along then never say never."

The series - which also saw Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker as mum and dad Ben and Susan Harper - ran for 11 series ending in 2011.

While Kris left in 2003 with his character moving out of his parents' house, he continued to make guest appearances with his final performance during a skit for Comic Relief in 2005.

However, the series was axed after all three children - also played by Daniela Denby-Ashe and Gabriel Thomson - had flown the nest.

BBC One controller Danny Cohen said at the time: "Now that all the Harper children have flown the nest we feel it's time to make room for new comedies."

The final season saw Ben (Lindsay) and Susan (Wanamaker) partake in a trial separation after continually humiliating each other after their son Michael (Thomson) moved in with his boyfriend, and Janey (Denby-Ashe) inherited a flat by one of care home pensioners.