Kristina Rihanoff has thrown her support behind Katya Jones and Seann Walsh after their cheating scandal.

Kristina Rihanoff

Kristina Rihanoff

Married dancer Katya was photographed in a passionate clinch with her 'Strictly Come Dancing' partner Seann Walsh recently, on the day of his then-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries' birthday.

However, former 'Strictly' professional Kristina Rihanoff - who is now in a relationship with her 'Strictly' partner Ben Cohen - is sympathetic to the pair and urged people to give them a chance.

Speaking on 'BBC Breakfast', she said: "Statistically people get together at work... for the professional dancers on the show it's a full time job

"You prepare for the show, you tour. You don't go anywhere else, you don't do anything else.

"I hope people can give them a chance. They're professionals and they have to put all of that aside. It's been a terrible week but they have to get it together."

However, she does not feel that apologising for their behaviour on 'Strictly' spin-off 'It Takes Two' was the right move.

She said: "I don't think 'It Takes Two' was the right programme to apologise, because this is about personal lives, not dancing."

But Kristina rubbished comparison's to her relationship with Ben.

She said: "Our relationship developed after the show. Also I have a family so I can't really see the connection. Relationships do happen, I'm not the only person to have a second relationship, a second marriage.

"Anything where you have a partnership or teamwork you do have a connection because you have to trust each other. But whether it's going to anywhere else, we don't know."

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