Kurran Pooni has been fired from 'The Apprentice'.

Kurran Pooni

Kurran Pooni

The 22-year-old law graduate was the sixth wannabe to be axed from the 16th season of the business reality show tonight (07.11.18), and despite wanting to "stay on screen for another couple of weeks" he believes that the decision to sack him was "absolutely fair".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "It would have been nice to stay on screen for another couple of weeks but I think it was my time to go.

"Oh absolutely it was fair, you know it was my third time in that boardroom and it was Camilla and Khadija's first so if we're going off past performance I think Lord Sugar was justified in firing me."

Although the aspiring actor believes Lord Sugar was justified in letting him go from the series, Kurran thinks the reason he was in the firing line once again was due to his sub-team, and their "disregard of all his advice."

He said:"I think I lost because my sub-team decided to go on their own frolic and completely disregard all of my advice and all of my ideas.

"I think all I could have done to better my situation was keep Jackie and Camilla closer to me where I could kind of monitor what they were doing. Maybe put someone like Daniel on the other team where I know he can kind of get on with it.

"Camilla sold herself to me as the branding queen and she's got her own business which is all based around branding so she said 'No I can get on board with this brand I've been to Ibiza I've done this I've done that I've got it' and she really filled me with a false sense of security.

"So I thought when she came back with my brand it was gonna be hot, unfortunately, it was not."