Kym Marsh can relate to Coronation Street's Aidan Connor suicide storyline after one of her best friends took his own life aged 24.

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

The 41-year-old actress - who plays Michelle Connor - thinks it's "really important" to raise awareness of male suicide after he pal Tony died during her younger years, and a 'Corrie' crew member also took his own life a few years ago.

She said: "It's a storyline close to my heart as one of my best friends from when I was younger, Tony, took his life when he was 24.

"You do always wonder, if only he'd spoken about what was on his mind then maybe he'd still be here now.

"A few years ago a member of the crew at 'Corrie' also took his own life, which devastated the cast and crew.

"It's a topic close to our hearts on the show and we all think it's really important to raise awareness of male suicide and ways to try to prevent it."

'Corrie' viewers watched on as Aidan's (Shayne Ward) battle with his inner demons reached its peak Monday night's (07.05.18) double bill, which concluded with him sitting on the sofa in tears.

Kym added: "The storyline is raising awareness of male suicide, which is the biggest killer in men under 45 years old.

"When someone takes their own life, you think maybe if they'd spoken to someone, the outcome could've been different, and that's very much Aidan's story - he was a troubled guy who didn't say anything."

Kim has also praised her 'Corrie' co-star Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs) and former Weatherfield resident Lucy-Jo Hudson - who played Katy Harris in the soap from 2002 to 2005 - as "wonderful people" and "brilliant parents" following their split after nine years of marriage.

She wrote in her OK! magazine column: "I've known for a while. It's a difficult time for them both.

"Alan and Lucy-Jo are wonderful people they're brilliant parents to their daughter Sienna.

"It's always sad when couples split, but I'm sure it's all amicable and they've made the best decision for them."