Kym Marsh wishes she was busier at 'Coronation Street' to take her mind off missing her boyfriend.

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

The 42-year-old actress admits it is "a shame" she has been quiet at work of late after her significant other Scott Ratcliffe went away with the army for two months, but Kym is going to keep herself busy by visiting family and friends.

She said: "I'm very quiet at work and that's a shame as I'd rather be busy to take my mind off missing him. It'll all be fine though as we're in a good place - it's just part of his life.

"He's now away for two months with the army.

"At the time of writing, Scott's only been gone for a couple of days, so I'm OK at the moment - ask me in a few weeks.

"I'm going to keep myself busy seeing family and friends."

The 'Corrie' star is pleased she can at least stay in touch with Scott - in contrast to her granddad and grandma's situation during World War II.

She said: "My granddad was away from my grandma actually fighting in World War II and they had no phones. At least we can stay in touch."

The actress - who plays Michelle Connor in the ITV soap - may well use part of Scott's two months away to visit her 'Corrie' co-star Jennie McAlpine (Fiz Stape) after she gave birth to her second child, Hilda, last week.

The birth led to fan speculation that the youngster was named after legendary 'Coronation Street' character Hilda Ogden, but Kym isn't sure whether the little one's moniker is because of Jean Alexander's former alter-ego or not.

Writing in her OK! magazine column, she added: "I'm not sure if she named her after iconic 'Corrie' character Hilda Ogden or not, but it's a cute name.

"I gave Jen a couple of days and then dropped her a text to wish her well - I can't wait to meet baby Hilda."