Lady Colin Campbell has written a play about Princess Diana and is planning to release it when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married this year.

Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell

The 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' star - who was married to Queen Elizabeth's cousin Lord Colin Campbell for just 14 months in 1974 - has put together a production based on the conversations she had with the late princess prior to her death in 1997 and would like to see it on stage around the time of the royal wedding on May 19.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: "Last year with the Accession anniversary, there were lots of royal TV documentaries and things that had very little genuine information we hadn't heard before. My play will be based on actual conversations I had with her and it will specifically be timed to coincide with the royal wedding. The play will have new insights -- there is even somebody playing me.' "

The 68-year-old writer has teamed up with director Dick Douglass - who she previously worked with on 'Hamlet' - and he's hoping it's going to be a hit on the West End.

Dick said: "I'm hopeful after an opening at the castle it will transfer to the West End."

The author has warned that the play will be "hard-hitting", but she doesn't think Harry, 33, will "mind" her exposing the conversations she had with his mother - even though she chose not to publish the details in her book 'Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows' in 1992 - five years before she tragically died in a car crash in Paris.

She said: "I was left with some deep conversations that never made it into the book -- which I have used as a basis of the play.

"It is hard-hitting because the rawness of her words will show she was not so much a sacrificial lamb as she depicted. I don't think Prince Harry will mind."

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